At my core I am an artist, with an interest in conveying my creative vision through diverse mediums. While in college, the following definition of art was articulated by a professor whom I hold in high regard.

Art:  “The recording of a response to an emotional stimuli.”

I found this definition to be a perfect one, particularly because it avoids any semblance of subjectivity. This recording that is art, manifests itself in a multitude of mediums, and for me, one of the mediums of choice is the camera. My interests lie in capturing images that span a variety of subject matter, and as with all artists, I seek to convey my own perspective.

A native of Englewood, New Jersey, I graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree. While pursuing architecture, I spent a sermester studying photography. Currently pursuing licensure in architecture, that photography is a form of creative expression makes it a natural choice for a person of my innate creative ability, and I am sincere and passionate about including this medium to convey my artistic vision. Like my art, I am a work in progress, confident in my perspective, yet open to the possibilities that may broaden my vision.

I hope that the sharing of my art provides you enjoyment and/or inspiration.

Peace,  A.D.