Hey Marvin, My Man, What’s Going On?

Some Things Have Changed, But Much Remains The Same

Since You’ve Been Gone,

Many Live In Opulence Beyond Normal Dreams,

While Others Struggle To Survive, Sometimes By

The Most Desperate Of Means,

We’re Still A Nation Of Violence And Guns,

And Poverty and Hatred Remain Part Of The Norm,

Yet The Sun Still Rises After Each Storm,

Hey Marvin, How Does God Explain,

The Tragedies, The Atrocities, The Suffering And Pain,

Is The Promise Of Heaven, As A Reward For Ones Faith,

A Reality Fulfilled, At The End Of Our Existence

In This Often Seemingly Forsaken Place,

Days Continue To Go By, Amid Smiles And Laughter

And Tear-Stained Eyes,

Times Are Never All Bad, Nor As Good As They Should Be,

Hey Marvin, It Seems Like Just Yesterday, I Heard You Say

“Oh Mercy, Mercy Me,”

Love Often Has A Tremendous Price,

And Hate A Horrendous Cost,

Humanity Try’s To Keep A Lid On Insanity,

So That Less Souls Are Victimized Or Lost,

Hey Marvin, My Man, I Was Just Wondering What

You Are Up To,

What’s Going On My Brother?

Man We Sure Miss You…