I rededicate myself to maintain and deepen the peace in my life

To not allow in my life any components of duress

To remain positive and never stress over that which really does not matter

    or cannot be controlled by me

I resolve to continue to appreciate the power of choice

    and to be conscious of, and accepting of the consequences of my decisions

To make decisions with the best of intent and yet be prepared to relent

     when I realize that I have chosen the wrong path

I resolve to continue to question that which I do not understand and to never

     be led blindly, but to follow the path of my own choosing

I will continue to attempt to separate fact from emotion when / before taking a stance

     and to be open to the possibility of being misinformed or simply, wrong

I resolve to try and give more than I take and to only take that which I need,

     to only ask for that which I am willing to give

I resolve to continue to be true to myself as I evolve

     while allowing others to be who they are without being judgmental

I resolve to continue to only concern myself with that which truly matters

I resolve to continue to challenge myself to understand the distinction between

     honesty and compassion, and to conduct myself accordingly

I resolve to continue to be who I am -

Only better.