SHE  IS...

Like A Butterfly Emerging From Its Cocoon,

Like A Beautiful Flower In Early Bloom,

Like The Glowing Sunrise At The Break Of Dawn,

Like The First Breath Of A Newborn -

She Is Seeing Herself As Never Before,

Poised To Spread Her Wings And Soar...

She sees reflections of desires enmeshed in visions of dreams, finding clarity where   uncertainty once engendered compromise.

She now looks at the world with a more open line of sight, seeing images in color rather than just black & white -

No longer seeing the world as a confined place, but as a vast and open space there for her exploration, yet small enough to encompass her intimacy.

She now knows what she wants to feel and feels what she wants to touch and be touched by.

She has connected with her soul and it has ignited her spirit, she stands poised to be fulfilled.

Her past lives in her but not her in it, as she understands its relevance to where she exists today, for those experiences were steps in her journey and she takes from it that which helps her to grow and move forward.

She now recognizes and appreciates enough about herself to be who she is while striving to be who she wants to be, with clarity and purpose, and yet ever receptive and attentive to assessment and redefinition within the context of her evolution.

She sees herself through her own eyes and envisions that which she wishes to experience, ever willing to step outside of herself in order to look inside of herself without losing sight of who she is. 

She sees reality as being limited only by her imagination, drive and will.

She knows that her value was sanctioned at her birth by virtue of her creation.

She does not seek validation outside of herself nor allow it to be taken from her or diminished in any capacity, by anyone.

She understands that she is the master of her own destiny, and that mistakes resulting from conscious decisions based on good intentions are but opportunities for enlightenment.

She understands the power of choice and that it is hers Always.

She thirsts for that which will feed her mind, her body, her spirit, her soul, her passion.

Now that she has stepped outside of the confines in which she was encased, she is ready to travel without limitation, from a place of strength in mind, heart and spirit, to the places that she will experience in her life’s journey on her way to wherever it is that she desires to go, giving to it all that she has, and taking from it all that she needs to help her to grow and move forward.

She seeks to build the masterpiece that will exist in fulfillment of her place in the universe, both now and upon her transition from this temporary place to that place where her spirit will soar for eternity, taking her rightful place in both locations

   for She Is special,

          She Is deserving,

She Is free.