A man has not lived if his life cannot be accounted for,

and since the last breath I just breathed has brought me closer to death, I have decided to give to life a little more

What then may Sakima be remembered for

Know that with all my heart I loved, yet none but God was worthy to love me back

Remember my torment and misery, searching for happiness only to realize it had deserted me,

Whom shall the blame be placed on for that,

Understand that I looked for all of the answers to life's puzzled questions,

Found many answers, but it is not life but God that has me guessing

There will never be peace, this is a fact that I know for sure,

I am the son of God and I remain pure

Know that after me there will be no others

But don't worry, when I'm gone no one else is going to suffer

Any time you feel the need to feel my presence, turn your heart and soul towards the heavens,

For God will play you the melody of my life

You will see the burden that I was made to bear,

Keep your tears for the weak, show me your pride and strength,

because hardships are always going to come, and life is not fair

Maybe one day we will meet each other, you can find me in the heart of God, right there at the very core.

I never want to disappoint you papa, just wanna live a life worth being accounted for.