We are born into an existence, through no choice of our own,

And charged with finding the faith that is to lead us

        to a heavenly home (In the here-after),

We must endure life’s uncertainty, with the only guarantee being our death,

With no idea of the duration, from our first to last breath,

We are told that faith is the answer, and that Jesus is the way,

But if he died to forgive our sins, why hasn’t evil gone away,

We are told that God is all-powerful, and that God is all good,

And that if we but trust and believe, all will eventually be understood,

We witness bad things happening to good people, and we can’t figure out why,

We watch helplessly as our loved ones suffer through illness, only to then die,

We are told to keep the faith, and that all will be well,

But that failure to do so, will destine us for an eternity in hell,

Well, it seems so often as if hell exists right here on earth,

As we try to endure an existence, derived from an un-requested birth,

Father, I am trying so desperately to keep my head to the sky,

And walk in faith and in the positive, though feelings of anger and confusion,

    I cannot deny,

Please tell me what does it all mean, and what is it all for,

Must this be the only passage, to the promise of heavens door,

Why so much evil, Why so much hate - Why are so many destined

    For such a horrific fate,

Why so little compassion, during the week,

By those who claim allegiance to your will,

      At each Sunday’s big meet,

Why if you created everything around us, and feel for us only love,

Must we endure so much pain and suffering, for the promise of that above,

Why so much destruction, and Why so much devastation,

When we are told that everything occurs by your will,

       And is designed by your creation,

Can that really be?

Perhaps you are all good, but not all powerful,

   And that explains this insanity,

Then Father, Please, with the power of your goodness,

    Please help each of us to survive, in whatever is our time,

And help me to do my part, to improve the lot of humankind,

So that at my transition, I will find myself welcomed at Heavens door,

    Free from an existence, that I never asked for.